The Best SEO WordPress Themes

Are you worried about low organic search traffic? You must be wondering about increasing the search engine ranking. But, do not worry!

I am here to share with you some best SEO WordPress themes for your site. Have a look at each of them and pick the one that looks good to you. After all, search engine optimization should never be compromised. 

How Does WordPress Help with SEO Efforts? 

Due to its SEO-friendly nature, many large, as well as small scale businesses, are using WordPress. This platform provides a variety of features that play a great role in augmenting your search engine ranking. One such example is URL structuring. Besides this, it provides an option for various plugins, categories, and tags. All of these are somehow related to the SEO of your site. 

Furthermore, the visual appearance of the site also plays an imperative role in organic ranking. Websites that are user-friendly and look great are easy to crawl by search engines. Additionally, these websites are appreciated by the visitors as they are easy to navigate. For this, WordPress provides us with a big range of themes. Some of them are default themes while others are customizable. For maximum benefit, we should opt for a theme that is SEO-friendly. 

If we combine all these SEO-friendly features in a WordPress site, our search engine ranking will increase in no time. Undoubtedly, producing quality content and maintaining a site requires time, effort, and investment. But, these things are of no use if the website is not optimized for the search engine. 

Therefore, we should never overlook the significance of SEO when creating a WordPress site. 

What are the Features of an Ideal SEO WordPress Theme? 

If you have no idea about selecting an SEO WordPress theme, read the key features below: 

Mobile-friendliness and Responsiveness 

These days the majority of searches are done through mobile rather than desktops and laptops. Therefore, a site should be highly responsive. It should have the feature of adjustability according to the medium from which it is viewed. If a site is not responsive and takes a lot of time, users will leave it in no time. 

Therefore, an SEO-friendly WordPress theme must be responsive. Firstly, it will let the visitors stay on your site for a longer time. Secondly, it will help the site to load easily. Both of these features are considered by search engines when ranking a site. 

Cross-Browser Compatibility 

Besides being responsive and mobile-friendly, a WordPress theme should also be compatible with multiple browsers. Viewers will not only use different mediums for visiting the site, but they will also use multiple browsers. Since every browser interprets the site’s code differently, cross-browser compatibility is essential. 

The absence of this feature will automatically increase the bounce rate of your site. It means that visitors will start leaving the site within a few seconds. Consequently, your SEO ranking will decrease. Therefore, compatibility with top browsers is mandatory. These browsers include Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. 

Compatibility with SEO Plugins

Another key feature is its compatibility with various SEO plugins. Firstly, you need to analyze the SEO plugins that your site might need in the future besides considering the current plugins. If the theme is compatible with all of these plugins, you can invest in it. However, in the case of non-compatibility, a series of issues may arise. 

Loading Speed 

An ideal WordPress theme should have a great loading speed. Otherwise, visitors will start leaving the site in a few seconds. Experts also believe that themes should have a high loading speed besides being mobile-friendly. 

So, you must have got a fair understanding of selecting a suitable SEO WordPress theme. Let me now start listing some of the best themes for you: 


If you are in search of an SEO-optimized theme, Divi can be the right fit for you. Since the theme updates automatically, you do not need to worry about the changing rules and policies of search engines. Thus, your site always gets well-optimized if it has a Divi theme. 

Following are some other features about Divi: 

Built-In Content and Websites 

If you are using Divi, you can get access to multiple website templates. Besides this, content templates are also available. Users of Divi believe that it covers almost every type of website. Just name it and you will find it on Divi. All this is accessible from your dashboard. In just a few clicks, you can download the templates of your choice. 

Compatible with Multiple Plugins 

Divi is also compatible with a wide range of plugins. If you are using one of the well-known WordPress plugins, you will find its compatibility with Divi. 

Divi Builder Tool 

Divi also allows you to easily customize the design of your site. It has a Divi Builder tool that features multiple layouts and a user-friendly interface. Thus, creating your custom designs is possible with Divi. 


  • $89 for yearly access 
  • $249 for lifetime access

SEO Crawler 

Like others, SEO Crawler is a professional theme that is designed with the concept of SEO. It offers a wide range of customization and provides multiple features. Some of its key features are: 

Website Demos 

SEO Crawler provides three website demos that are easy to download. Additionally, it provides multiple layouts. You can add or customize the content as per your needs. 

GoodLayers Page Builder Tool 

This amazing tool provides you with a set of elements that assists in customization. You can use such tools in your designs and make a reasonable look for the rest of the site. 

Note: to gain maximum benefit from the SEO Crawler, be sure that your site is mobile-friendly and takes less time to load. Apart from it, it should have all the features that can attract Google. 

Additional Features 

Some other features for making the site more SEO friendly includes multiple header designs, various portfolio layouts, Google font integration, etc. 

This theme is compatible with Yoast SEO, which is one of the best plugins in WordPress. Thus, if your site has all the right features along with an SEO Crawler theme, nothing can stop it from getting a high search engine rank. 


  • The regular license costs $69


Pofo is considered one of the most versatile WordPress themes available today. Let us have a look at its features: 

Demos and Designs 

Pofo stands apart from others with its 210 website demos. No matter which website you choose, Pofo has a design option for everyone. Yes, the list of the design covers blogs, e-store, portfolios, etc. This wide range of design options make it a multi-purpose theme. 

WPBakery Page Builder 

In most cases, people get satisfied with the pre-built content of Pofo. However, if you have some concerns, you can always use the drag and drop tool. With its intuitive interface, you can easily customize the content. Besides this, the WPBakery Page plugin helps you in creating an inner as well as a homepage from scratch. 

Additional Features 

Since the theme is well-known, it works well with all the SEO plugins. Besides this, it offers other features like widgets, social media integration, custom sidebar, etc. 


  • A single site license is for $59


Schema successfully ticks all the options of being a great WordPress theme. We all know the significance of loading time in search engine optimization. Luckily, Schema has passed the test of being the best loading theme for the year 2014. Here are some key features of the site: 

Support for Powerful Snippets 

Being a well-known theme, Schema fully supports the rich snippets. This means that it can tell the search engine about its key content. Besides this, search engines find it easy to segment its content. 

Impeccable Design 

Schema provides a commendable design that is suitable not just for the desktop but for the mobile view as well. Furthermore, it offers many features to customize the existing design and create a suitable one from scratch. 


  • A 3 site license is for $59


TheGem is embedded with all the features essential for getting a high SEO rank. Some great features of this theme are: 

Unlimited Design Choices 

Sometimes we need to compromise on the design choice when opting for an SEO-friendly theme. However, this is not the case with TheGem. It offers a wide range of designs that lets you create an attractive appeal for your site. 

Highly Competitive

This theme has all the features that a perfect SEO theme should have. From mobile-friendliness to speed and responsiveness, it is embedded with all the key features. This makes TheGem a highly competitive theme. 

Covers a Wide Range of Projects

TheGem offers around 100 website demos. Thus, it covers almost every type of website, no matter which business it is. Be it a blog or an e-store, a business page, or a hotel booking site, TheGem caters to everyone. 

Immense Customization 

Just like many professional plugins, TheGem offers extensive customization options. Though most of the users prefer using the demos, customization options are still present. 


  • A regular single site subscription is for $59


After going through this article, you must have got a fair idea about SEO-based WordPress themes. Firstly, it is essential to gain knowledge regarding a perfect theme. This will prepare you to select an ideal theme for your site. 

I have shared some of the best themes in my write-up. But, there are many others present in the market. If I select a theme for my site, I will pick Schema from this list. Your choice can be different. Most importantly, it’s our business needs that decide the best theme for us.